Crafting Tier 11 GEAR

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Crafting Tier 11 GEAR Empty Crafting Tier 11 GEAR

Post by chaossxgaming on Fri Feb 10 2017, 14:16

Crafting Tier 11 Gear
You gotta be patient doing this as it's only 25% chance (Good luck)

You need the following:

Finish main quest 7 or 8 can't remember, but this is the easy part
T10 Armors, Acc, Weapons
Lots of gold Very Happy


Remake points you can get these from cash/mall shop or T9 dungeon (not working at the moment)

  • FYI, remake points stays whenever you fail so don't be a sulk when crafting but after you successfully crafted your pref. item it will disappear

Both of these disappears whenever you fail to craft T11 gear so be mindful save your (Jewels)
Jewel of Bless it varies but mostly 40+ each try
Jewel of Soul less than ten each try
Reengineering Spar drops at T9 Drama dungeon (To be confirmed) and Wold Boss (Small %) but you can buy these from the Item Mall cheap ass...

  • Same as the jewels expect for your Spar to disappear whenever you fail

Fragments - T9 Dungeon quite easy to farm but it's random so yeah or you can just buy them through item/mall shop via bound diamond not cheap though

  • FYI, This mofo also disappears hahahahahahah Very Happy

Piece of advice don't rush things enjoy the game and you will get there again Good luck and Happy farming with lots of (Love) - UltimateWeapon

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