Weird Crashes

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Weird Crashes Empty Weird Crashes

Post by OnlySM on Tue Feb 28 2017, 20:02

Hey I have some problem. Few times already when I got crash (it happens when some dialogue window is about to pop up) I couldn't log back. Today I noticed during playing on 2 accounts at once my char was still logged in. I was playing on tablet and couldn't log in on my main account (OnlySM) or another (fresh created). Couldn't just log from tablet like I was still in game. I am sorry for my bad description but my english isn't that good as it could be. I don't know if any of you guys have same problem as I have. I know few persons who have the same and I am facing it rly often. During arena challenges, team dungeons rewards or daily and main quests. Sometimes getting crash even without reason, during farming on mobs or just running around. It's annoying for real and I have no idea if its my problem or server's one. Hope for fast response and I count on your help guys . Best regards!

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Weird Crashes Empty Re: Weird Crashes

Post by Omega on Thu Mar 02 2017, 18:32

server was behaving wierdly these days, i changed some connections parameters, please tell me if the problem is still there, i think it is ameliorated now

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