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Post by Omega on Wed Feb 08 2017, 18:54

MAJOR UPDATE - 27 January 2018 (2.6 Summoner Milestone)

Hello everybody! Server Update is complete! Thank you for your patience!

While i did my best to try and transfer everything from the old database some things are missing:

-Fruits consumption of each character has been reset, still working on it
-Titles and achievements are missing, i will try to fix them in the future
-It`s impossible to transfer characters diamonds, so i will manually add them to everybody, they are not lost!
-VIP levels are also impossible to transfer, i will add VIP 12 to old characters manually.
-Included VIP 12 and 1 million bound diamonds in the starter packages
-Added 1 million bound diamonds to all characters present on the server
There are still some bugs present, rest assured they will be fixed.

You can download the new client from this link:

There are two playable Realms now, named Server 1 and Server 2.
Server 2 is new, ranking is empty, you are free to create a new character if you feel like
The two servers will participate in cross-server dungeons, events and also Arena

-New Class: Summoner
-Ability to create a alternative character of a different class, with limited functions
-Resources territory
-Tarot Card
-Fashion Costumes and Wings
-God Weapon
-Soul System
-Pet skills
-Adorn (Wedding Accesories)
-Soul & Rune System
... and more!


MAJOR UPDATE - July 2018 - Version 7.0 Milestone


Even if i gave my best, bugs will be present, items missing and/or bugged, but i`m well aware of everything and it will be fixed and balanced in the following days.
DO NOT PANIC if you have missing items, we will take care of everything in the future.


Update info:

-Rebirth increased to 17
-Wings decreased to Tier 12

New Server Features:

-New Cross-Maps
-New Cross-Server activities
-New mounts (horses)
-Improved User Interface graphics
-Better meditation system that rewards you with items
-New server dungeons
-Devil Soul and Fashion
-Mounts Fashion
-Weapon Fashion
-Character footprint (the effects under your character)
-Revive system
-Force system with many mini-events
-Armor System

...and much more! Test it yourselves Razz

Download .apk >>


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