Death King and Wolf King

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Death King and Wolf King Empty Death King and Wolf King

Post by OnlySM on Mon Feb 20 2017, 20:17

Hi, I decided to report this problem on forum because it doesn't look like it is just drop rate. Since few days I am trying to get essences for journal by killing world bosses. Everything would be fine except this little issue I have noticed. Those 2 bosses Death King and Wolf King aren't dropping essences for journal. I hardly doubt if it is drop rate problem because...honestly, can't drop any essence since few days? I know it doesn't give uber mega awesome boost to cp but I personally like the part with collecting essences for journal. Even when  I am lazy to farm them from normal mobs Very Happy I am not sure yet but I may have the same problem with Gordon and Balrog. It is not an issue that GM should let everything and take care of it, just reporting fyi.

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